Complainant feedback

We regularly receive feedback from people who have used our service.  Below are some of the comments complainants have sent us following our assessment of, or investigation into, their complaints:

“I just wanted to say thank you so much to your office for taking the time to consider my concerns during this process.”

“I write to acknowledge receipt of your email and attached letter received this afternoon.  Whilst my wife and I are disappointed, we do accept that you have made your decisions on each issue of complaint, based upon all relevant information contained in current legislation, etc, as well as supporting documentation provided by ourselves and the Council.”

“We want to thank you for the time you have taken to assess our complaint and for the professional manner in which you kept us informed both verbally and in writing.”

“A quick note to thank the Ombudsman’s Office for a thorough and professional investigation of my complaint. I am pleased with the outcome, and keen to see the office publish details on its finding on its website.”

“I want to thank you for the caring and professional manner in which you dealt with me, and kept me updated on the progress in the case.”

“Thank you for the time and effort that went into this and for keeping me updated throughout.”

“The report I received  back was pretty meticulous, and it took a long time to absorb, but I felt relieved.  I felt as though I had got part of my life back.”