June 9, 2022

NIPSO Customer Satisfaction Survey

NIPSO is committed to delivering the highest standards of service to the public. We will not only listen to what people tell us about their experience but we will learn from and act on this also. Our new Strategic Plan for 2022 – 2025 sets out an ambitious vision to be a more accessible, effective and innovative office.

In 2021, we commissioned Opinion Research Services (ORS) to carry out a telephone survey to measure customer satisfaction. The purpose of the survey was to understand complainants’ experiences of interacting with NIPSO. Using computer-assisted telephone interviewing methodology, ORS conducted 212 interviews with individuals who had submitted complaints to us in the previous two years. Of these respondents, 110 identified as male, 97 female (5 not known), 196 people were white and seven were from minority ethnic groups (9 not known). Respondents were from a range of age groups, had submitted complaints about a variety of public bodies and feedback was received about all three stages of the NIPSO investigation process. So whilst the overall sample size is small we are satisfied it is representative of NIPSO complainants and the investigation process.

The key messages and findings from this survey strongly align with the commitments in both our new Strategic Plan and the 22/23 Business Plan to continue to improve the service people receive from us. The survey feedback helpfully highlights areas of our service where we are doing well and where there are opportunities to improve.  Detailed below are the relevant actions from our strategic and business plans to identify and share good practice, provide training for staff and quality assure our work. To help us monitor our progress and identify areas where improvement is needed, the Customer Satisfaction Survey will be repeated in 2-3 years’ time.

The Customer Satisfactory Survey can be found here.  A short summary of the key messages and findings from the survey can be found here.