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Council dealt appropriately with planning application – Ombudsman

February 26, 2019

An investigation by the Public Services Ombudsman has found that Mid & East Antrim Borough Council dealt properly with a planning application for a house extension, despite objections from the applicant’s neighbours.

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Investigation into the care and treatment of patient in Armagh nursing home

February 21, 2019

An investigation has concluded that the care plans drawn up for a resident in a nursing home in Armagh were largely adequate, but that the home had underestimated the resident’s risk of a fall and that it was inconsistent in its assessment of his mental state.

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Hospital conditions not the cause of patient’s pneumonia

February 6, 2019

An investigation into a man’s complaint has found that the conditions on a hospital ward did not cause his wife to contract pneumonia.

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Ombudsman partially upholds complaint about handling of planning application

January 30, 2019

The Ombudsman has found that a planning officer dealing with a man’s application considered the appropriate policies and took a planning consultant’s views into account before making her decision.    

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Ombudsman proposes investigation into Department’s handling of Personal Independence Payments (PIPs)

January 21, 2019

The Northern Ireland Public Services Ombudsman has informed the Department for Communities that she is proposing, under new powers, to launch an investigation into the way the Department administers Personal Independence Payments (PIPs). The welfare benefit replaced Disability Living Allowance in June 2016.

Ombudsman asks Housing Executive to look again at grant application

January 16, 2019

The Public Services Ombudsman has upheld a complaint from a member of the public who complained about the way the Housing Executive handled her request for a grant to buy a property.

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Investigation of a complaint against the Victims and Survivors Service

January 3, 2019

The Ombudsman has partially upheld a man’s complaint about the actions of the Victims and Survivors Service.

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New schools remit contributes to rise in complaints to Ombudsman

November 30, 2018

A report released today has revealed that enquiries to the Northern Ireland Public Services Ombudsman increased by 37% in the last year. Out of the 4,987 calls and enquiries received by the Office in 2017-18 (compared to 3,385 the previous year), a total of 665 were forwarded for further investigation (up 23% from 2016-17).

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Patient was discharged prematurely from hospital’s Emergency Department – Ombudsman

November 15, 2018

Investigation concludes that further observations should have been carried out and discharge delayed until patient was well enough to tolerate fluids and food.

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