January 5, 2021

COVID-19 update

We are continuing to receive new complaints and progress existing investigations.  However, as a result of the latest Government restrictions all our staff are now working from home.  We are continuing to progress our work in line with our normal procedures, however the current situation may lead to delays in some cases. If the progress of your complaint is likely to be delayed we will keep you updated.

To assist us to progress our work as quickly as possible we are asking where possible for all correspondence to be sent to us electronically, either via our online complaints form or to nipso@nipso.org.uk.

Alternatively please call us on our helpline at 0800 343424.  If a member of staff is unable to assist you immediately please leave a message and somebody will return your call as soon as possible.

We understand that the ability of some public services to respond to complaints in line with their normal timescales has been affected due to the current situation. This issue may affect some sectors more than others and may be particularly acute in Health and Social Care.

We expect all organisations to continue to operate their complaints procedures, but where delays are likely they should ensure complainants are kept up to date regarding any possible delays.

We would also expect that arrangements are in place to ensure high risk complaints or those form vulnerable individuals are identified and progressed in line with normal procedures.