Woman’s wait for surgery was ‘unacceptable’

April 14, 2021

Our report found that an endometriosis patient did not receive hormonal treatment to help her condition during her four year wait for surgery.  We also found that the health trust only invited her for hospital appointments when prompted to do so by the patient and her GP.

Patient’s pain relief injections were withdrawn ‘in line with medical practice and standards.’

March 18, 2021

We found that the Belfast Health and Social Care Trust acted appropriately when stopping a patient’s pain relief injections, but asked it to reflect on the best way to manage the issues around patients having treatments withdrawn that, to them, have resulted in benefits.

Child’s delayed autism diagnosis caused ‘upset, frustration and uncertainty’

March 11, 2021

Our investigation into a complaint about the Southern Health and Social Care Trust found that it did not consider all of the available information when making a child’s autism diagnosis.  We asked it to apologise to the child and her mother after appropriate intervention and support only became available following a correct diagnosis over two years later.

Trust failed to tell patient his referral for shoulder surgery had been downgraded from urgent to routine

March 2, 2021

The Belfast Health & Social Care Trust is setting up a process to tell GPs when it has downgraded their referrals after we asked it to apologise to a patient who had complained about a delay in treatment.

Investigation of a complaint against the Cedar Foundation

February 11, 2021

We’ve reminded the Cedar Foundation about its record keeping and complaint handling responsibilities after we investigated a man’s complaint about his exclusion from its Social Inclusion Service.

Trust properly investigated complainant’s concerns about independent service provider

February 11, 2021

We found that the South Eastern Health and Social Care Trust dealt with a complainant’s concerns fairly, but were critical of the time it took to address them.

Investigation into patient’s care and discharge from Craigavon Area Hospital

February 11, 2021

Our investigation found that the Southern Health and Social Care Trust communicated appropriately with a patient’s nursing home, but that it failed to organise a timely planning meeting prior to her discharge from hospital.

Investigation finds Trust has no proper assessment tool in place to decide whether patient’s primary need is health or social care

February 3, 2021

We have asked the Belfast Health and Social Care Trust, in consultation with the other Trusts and health and social care organisations, to agree a uniform approach for assessing all future applications for Continuing Healthcare in Northern Ireland.

Trust failed to carry out assessment to see if patient would qualify for care home funding

February 3, 2021

We recommended that the Northern Health & Social Care Trust, either individually or collectively with others, put in place the necessary arrangements for it to appropriately assess all future requests for Continuing Healthcare.

Ombudsman finds practice of charging care home residents without assessing their primary need is ‘unsustainable’

February 3, 2021

We investigated claims from a family that the Southern Health and Social Care Trust failed to carry out a Continuing Healthcare assessment for their father.  We upheld the complaint and concluded that the failings caused the family frustration and distress over a prolonged period.