How do I make a complaint to NIPSO?

What you should do first

Usually, before you complain to the Ombudsman about the service you have received from a public service provider, you will be expected to have exhausted the organisation’s internal complaints procedure. Exceptionally the Ombudsman may be prepared to accept your complaint before you have exhausted the organisation’s internal complaints procedure. Your reasons for this should be set out in your complaint to us.

There are advisory and advocacy organisations who can offer you free and professional guidance in support of your complaint. You can speak to Citizens Advice or Advice NI. They will be able to direct you to the relevant advocacy body in line with your complaint.

Submitting a complaint to the Ombudsman

There are three ways to submit your complaint to us. All of the information we need is on our complaints form, so the quickest way for your complaint to be registered with us is by completing this form.  However, you can also contact us by phone, email or in writing.

Completing online complaints form

When the form is received in the Ombudsman’s Office, we will contact you to confirm receipt.
Access our online complaints form.

Downloading and returning the complaints form

Download our complaints form.

Contacting the office by telephone, email or in writing

View contact details for the office.